Terms & Conditions

Service definition

Hollow Lda owns an educational service designed for an e-Learning environment, called Hollow.

The Hollow service comprises:

  1. Access profile for the Student, with guaranteed confidentiality and individual authentication.
  2. Instructor-provided video lecture content covering mathematics and statistics curriculum syllabi.
  3. Results control system through individualized assessments, allowing the student to check their own performance.
  4. System of evaluation of the Instructors by the students of the video lessons that will be assigned.


  1. These general conditions of registration and access are agreed between Hollow Lda, headquartered at Rua Sociedade Protectora dos Animais, number 162, 2nd front, in the parish of Campanhã, municipality of Porto, CP 4350-325, with the legal person number 516166980 and the social security identification number 25161669805, hereinafter referred to as 'Hollow', and persons wishing to enroll in the e-Learning service on the Internet – www.hollow.pt, hereinafter referred to as ' User'.
  2. The parties agree that registrations made through this website will be governed exclusively by this contract and by the registration form. The elements and information transmitted by the User have a legally valid character, the User recognizing electronic acquisitions, which cannot the latter to allege the lack of signature for non-compliance with the obligations assumed.

Article 1 - The object

The present general conditions of registration and access are intended to provide and define all the necessary information to the User on the modalities of registration, payment and access to the Hollow service at www.hollow.pt.

Article 2 – Registration

Access to Hollow services can be gained through the Enrollment process.

  1. The User can register through the process mentioned below, after clicking on the respective button, available on the main page of the site.
  2. To register, the User must:
    1. Using the “ENTER” option, define your service access data by entering the following data:
    2. You must provide a combination of username and 'Password' chosen by the User when registering or, if you are already registered, you must enter the data you already have. Note that the email address indicated email is unique, personal and non-transferable data, subject to validation.
    3. Completar a informação solicitada no processo de checkout e efetuar o pagamento através do site.
  3. A conclusão do processo de Inscrição pelo Utilizador equivale à aceitação plena e completa das condições gerais de Inscrição e acesso, que serão as únicas aplicáveis ao contrato assim concluído.
  4. Hollow reserves the right to change the price and other 'Subscription' conditions of the Service available at any time, provided that it notifies its 'Customers' by presenting a notice on this site or sending a an email. The new prices will be applied to all new customers as well as to all customers already registered at the time of payment renewal.
  5. The Hollow guarantees the maintenance of the video classes provided by the Instructors on the website, provided that:
    1. The user completes the registration process using the access data (email address and password) with which he was registered;
    2. The monthly fee is paid, as stipulated in this instrument and described on the Hollow website;
    3. The video lessons have not been changed/updated on the Hollow website.

With the above, except for the updating of digital educational resources in specific situations, such as changes in current curricula or functional and technological changes, in which case it is not possible to guarantee the maintenance of the original resource .

Article 3 – Access

  1. Enrolling in the Hollow allows the User to enjoy the service after receiving the corresponding payment.


All Users are subject to access control. Each set of data (user/'email' + 'password') allows access to the service in 1 browser at a time. The service can be used in multiple browsers, but never simultaneously.

Hollow reserves the right to suspend access to the service by a User who proves to have shown improper or harmful use of the services provided, namely transferring his password to third parties, assuming a false identity or use of Forums or E-mail to transmit inappropriate and inappropriate messages.

Article 4 – Payment

Hollow offers the User a method of payment via Credit and Debit Card.

Article 5 – Prices

  1. Prices must be understood in euros, with fees and taxes included, taking into account the VAT rate in force at the time of registration.
  2. The prices shown in the checkout process always correspond to the most up-to-date prices in force, however, they should only be considered valid while they are visible on the website on an updated page (cache or non-updated pages may show prices that have already are not in force). The displayed price is only guaranteed under these conditions after the Enrollment is duly completed.

Artigo 6 – Descontos

Campaign discounts are price discounts that show an effective date. These discounts represent a commitment during the announced period, but always under the condition that the registration is finalized by the User through the Registration process and paid by at the end of that period.

Article 7 – Guarantees

  1. Any registration contract and access to the Hollow service carried out can be freely resolved under the terms of article 9 of Law no. simply fail to pay the monthly fee, and you will automatically lose access to the material contained on the site.

Article 8 – Complaints

  1. The User may submit their complaints to Hollow Lda electronically through the Contact Center (http://www.hollow.pt/contacto/)
  2. In the event of a dispute, the User may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity (RAL) for consumption: Centro de Informação do Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto (CICAP), headquartered at Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto. For more information, consult the Consumer Portal available at www.consumidor.pt

Article 9 – Responsibility

It should be reiterated that the temporary assignment or definitive transfer to third parties, rental, loan or any other similar activity or practice, of the e-mail and 'Password' that are defined by the User and that allow you to access the Hollow website. The User is fully responsible for the confidentiality of the access data he/she submits.

Hollow is not responsible for vices or technical and/or operational defects arising from the User's system or from third parties.

Hollow is not responsible for the existence, quantity, quality, state, integrity or legitimacy of the Services contracted by Users, as well as for the ability of Users to contract or for the veracity of the personal data they provide.

Hollow is not responsible or liable in any way for any failures by Users in subjects taught in the course they attend, nor does it guarantee approval in said subjects or minimum grades. That is, approval or not in the matters depends solely and exclusively on the User and Hollow only aims to assist the User in their courses, without any responsibility or guarantee of approval.

Hollow will not be responsible for reimbursing its Users for any expenses with telephone calls, data packages, SMS, messages, emails, correspondence or any other amount spent by the User due to contact with Hollow, for whatever reason.

Hollow cannot be held responsible for the effective fulfillment of obligations assumed by Users.

Hollow reserves the right to assist and cooperate with any judicial authority or governmental body, when it considers that its assistance or cooperation is necessary to protect its Users, employees, collaborators, administrators, partners or anyone who may be harmed by the action or omission fought.

Article 10 – Maintenance and updating of the Hollow website

Hollow reserves the right to carry out, periodically, maintenance tasks and update the site with a view to introducing improvements to the service. The site will be subject to at least four annual interventions, which may, circumstantially, degrade or condition access to the service and cause it to be unavailable for a maximum period of 4 to 8 hours.

Article 11 – Hollow Newsletter

  1. The Hollow Newsletter designation is given to e-mails with promotions, offers and information, sent directly to the User's email box provided to Hollow upon registration.
  2. From the moment you register for the first time, the User is automatically registered for the platform's communication subscription.

Article 12 – Intellectual Property

  1. All texts, images, illustrations, photographs, interface, functionalities, software and other elements of Hollow are the intellectual property of the company Hollow Lda or have been duly licensed for this purpose, being protected by the Copyright Code and Related Rights and other applicable legislation, as well as by international treaties, whereby the user must use them like any other material protected by copyright (book, film, disk, etc.), copying, reproduction, dissemination, modification, publication or any commercial or non-commercial use of any content found on this site. The use, exploitation, dissemination, sharing of Hollow content by Users will subject the User to a fine of 100% (one hundred percent) of the total amount of the plan, plus the total amount of revenue lost by the Hollow as a result of the actions mentioned above in this clause committed by the User.
  2. All content posted by users and instructors in the applications that make up the Hollow service, unless otherwise indicated, are for individual use by them, being the sole responsibility of the respective authors and whoever makes them available, so Hollow cannot be held responsible for any violations of copyright that these contents may cause. Hollow reserves the right to remove any content uploaded by users if it perceives any illegality or violation of copyrights, as well as guarantees that it will not use any content imported by users of the platform in any service or product that it is, or will in the future, develop. For any reproduction or use of information protected by copyright other than that described in these terms, whether in textual or multimedia format (sound , images, software, etc.), explicit prior written authorization must be obtained from the res respective author.
  3. It is the duty of the User, if he notices any anomaly, inaccuracy or violation in relation to the above, to communicate it to Hollow services from the contact page, referring the content in question.

Article 13 – Proof

The parties agree that the computerized records, kept in the Hollow's computer systems under reasonable security conditions, are proof of the communications, registrations and payments made between the parties.

Article 14 – Conservation and Archiving of Transactions

The entries and invoices will be archived on a reliable and durable medium to correspond to a faithful and durable copy.

Article 15 – Links from other websites

  1. Any connection (link) to the Hollow website is the sole responsibility of the respective website, and it cannot be mentioned any type of support, by the Hollow, to that website, without the respective authorization. The Hollow reserves reserves the right to demand the removal of any connection (link) that it considers less appropriate, this criterion being exclusively the responsibility of the former.The content of the Hollow website cannot be inserted in the structure of any other website without the express authorization of Hollow.
  2. The Hollow service is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss suffered by users due to failures in their internet connection, with their provider, in the system, with the SMS system, with the telephone line or server used by the User, resulting from conduct by third parties, acts of God or force majeure.
  3. Hollow is also not responsible for compatibility between the website and hardware owned by users. The User must keep his equipment up to date and cannot hold Hollow responsible if its website is not accessible on outdated equipment.
  4. Hollow will also not be responsible for any virus, trojan, malware, spyware or any software that may damage, change the settings or infiltrate the User's equipment as a result of accessing, using or browsing the Internet, or as a consequence of the transfer of data, information, files, images, text or audio.
  5. Hollow administrators may, at any time, modify the terms of this service, immediately updating the legal aspects accordingly.

Article 16 – Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

  1. The law applicable to any contractual relationship established through the Hollow website is Portuguese law.
  2. In order to resolve any and all conflicts arising from any contract entered into under the terms of these general conditions of registration and access, Portuguese law will apply, with jurisdiction in the resolution of disputes in its courts or in alternative to the entities referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 8, in accordance with what may be agreed by the parties.

Article 17 – Cancellation Policy

The term of this Term will be the one indicated on the Platform when contracting the plan chosen by the User, which, if the User does not express his intention not to renew the Services, will be automatically renewed successively for equal periods , subject to the provisions of these Terms.

Caso o Utilizador opte por deixar de utilizar os Serviços da Plataforma e queira unilateralmente terminar sua relação com a Hollow, este deve, durante o decurso da assinatura vigente, cancelar a renovação automática e ao fim do período a relação se encerra.

O direito de livre resolução encontra-se regulamentado de igual modo nos contratos celebrados à distância e nos contratos celebrados fora do estabelecimento comercial, sendo o prazo para o respetivo exercício, de 14 dias seguidos.

A Hollow se reserva o direito de excluir unilateralmente e a seu exclusivo critério, comentários e registos de Utilizadores que contenham/pratiquem o quanto segue, não sendo devido nenhum valor ao Utilizador à título de rescisão ou indenização, incluindo, mas não limitado aos valores acima descritos nesse capítulo:

Offense to the honor, image, reputation and dignity of third parties;

Pornography, pedophilia, and other modalities of sexual gratification;

Racism or discrimination of any kind;

Bullying, stalking or any other form of illegal harassment or harassment;

It manifests violation of copyright or image rights;

Use of marks, symbols, logos or emblems of third parties;

Instigation or apology for the commission of crimes, such as trafficking or use of narcotics, rape, homicide, embezzlement, among others;

Errors or suspected mistakes;

Sharing access to the Platform with third parties.

If the User wishes to cancel his registration and access to the Platform, he must express his intention through the Contact Us link available on the website.

Article 18 - General provisions on Hollow services

These Terms do not generate any contract of association, mandate, franchise or employment relationship between Hollow and the User. The User acknowledges that Hollow has no control over the quality, the security or legality of the Services.

The User is aware and agrees that Hollow may transfer the provision of the Services described in these Terms to a third party in the event of a change of control, an acquisition, an incorporation, a merger or of a sale of Hollow assets by any means or form.

The Client/User declares to have received, to know and to accept the Access Terms and Conditions described above, as well as the Privacy Policy.